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Ministry Profile

Under the guidance of Prophet Owuor the Ministry of Repentance & Holiness has become a global church. When the Prophet launched this ministry it came as a surprise to the body of Christ, for it revealed a brand new movement, commissioned by God. At a time when the Church of Christ has often embraced post-modernism this ministry has all the characteristics of a Biblical encounter between God and man. Extreme shockingly the Messenger of the Lord has in February 2018 been revealed to be the Two Witnesses, the Olivetrees and Lampstands of Revelation 11.

The Almighty God sent His servant out with a confrontational message, and a call to all mankind to come to repentance and to live a holy life in Christ Jesus. By preaching repentance and rebuking sin and apostasy, the Man of God seeks to prepare the church for the coming of the Messiah. This mission to continually rebuke sexual sins, lies, immorality, false prophets, false apostles, false teachers, and the worship of money came from numerous visits from God, in which He spoke through dreams, visions, and directly through His Voice. Until today God visits His servant frequently.

In one of His visits, the Lord God took His Prophet to His Throneroom and showed Him the Ark of the New Covenant of the Lord, where His Glory appeared as a Cloud on the Mercy Seat. And God Spoke to Him. In another visit on April 2 2004 the Lord introduced John the Baptist and commanded Prophet Owuor to prepare the four ends of the earth for the glorious coming of the Messiah. And once again the Almighty God presented the Ark of the New Covenant, with Moses the man of God and the Great Prophet Elijah sitting on one side of the Throne; and on the other side of the Throne was Prophet Daniel. Ever since, The LORD has used HIS Servant the Mighty Prophet to anounce and fulfill HIS endtime judgements, unless the Nations repent, including the most violent hurricanes in the Carribean, in 2017.

Also it is amazing how on a sunny summer day, June 5 2005, during a service in the Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega the Man of God commanded the rain to come down. And it was shocking how man was obeyed by heaven that day, because within a minute she opened and brought forth a strange rain that fell only on the grounds of the stadium. Only later it was realized that this event was a perfect repeat of 1 Kings 18:16-45, where the prophet Elijah restored the altar of the Lord on Mount Carmel. In December 2016 the Prophet of the Lord declared toxic water to be healed, and it instantly obeyed!

On November 21 2012 Prophet Owuor claimed live on JesusIsLord Radio that in the Revival Meeting of December 31 2012 in Kisumu the heavens would open and that the Almighty God would descend in a Cloud of His Glory, an appearance that had occurred only in the Biblical times of Moses. And to the amazement of all who had come from all over the world that December 31th the God of heaven indeed honored the words of His Servant the Prophet, when heaven opened and the Cloud of God’s Glory descended directly into the Kisumu Revival Meeting, at broad daylight. And It was even captured on camera! Even in August 2016, the Fire of Elijah came down in The Meetings of The LORD in Nakuru, Kenya. This was a repeat of 1 Kings 18:38, and it was captured on camera!

Most shockingly the Mighty Prophet of The LORD was transfigured before the eyes of the entire world, which teach us that the details of the latter days promised in the Bible are actually not in the Bible. The LORD has sent HIS Prophet with so much power and authority, to even fullfill the promised shaking of the heavens, promised in the book of Luke 21:25-26 and Joel 2:30-32.

In the midst of these grand visitations the Lord continually Speaks to His Servant about the terrible state of the modern Church of Christ. It is very clear that Prophet Owuor was sent out as a serious indictment against the compromises that today’s church closes at the expense of the Holiness of God. In the missions inside and outside Kenya the Prophet states how the decline has not only penetrated the pulpit, but also the lifestyle of Christians. The message of repentance and return to holiness appears particularly bitter to the Christians. They simply do not find it attractive!

It is amazing that the more repentance and holiness is preached, the more the hidden treasure that lies herein becomes visible. An unprecedented revival of Biblical scale has been born; in the Meetings of the Prophet Jehovah unleashed a tremendous healing anointing! So far large numbers paralyzed stood up and walk. The blind see again. In the Revival Meeting of January 1 2014 for example, a well-known assistant commander was healed right in front of the KTN TV camera’s. After nearly a year of complete blindness he now has eyesight. In this historical end time Revival uncountable blind can now see also the deaf and dumb are visited. Many schools bring their students to the meetings, and entire groups get healed completely. In the Meetings the sudden sound appears even too much for their ears. Now they attend regular schools.

Of all the healings the Hiv/Aids patients are the pinnacle. They return to their doctors, get re-examined and appear now to test negative. A great milestone in the ministry of the Prophet of the Lord is that doctors from major Kenyan hospitals, and their board members have come to tell Him that the healings transcend medical science. Thanks to this kind of milestones the body of Christ is now loving the bitter gospel of repentance and holiness. It has even become this popular that today Pastors from many countries are ablaze. They plead with the man of God to visit their nations with this gospel of returning to righteousness and purity. Meanwhile the Lord continues to cleanse lepers, dry up wounds, dissolve tumors, stretch shriveled arms and legs, create new eyes etc., presenting us a perfect repetition of the Bible. Now, with the Ressurection of Mama Rosa on June 22nd, 2017 this Endtime Revival seems to have reached its climax!

Central is that the Almighty God Speaks to His Servant about the glorious coming of the Messiah and the rapture of the church. He continues to go from nation to nation to prepare the body of Christ for this. In one of His visits to His Prophet the Lord God showed Him the Two Glorious Golden Wedding Rings in the sky and the glorious Garment that should now adorn the church.

Prophet Owuor

Dr . David Owuor was born in Goma – Kenya. In 1996, during his doctorate in Israel, Haifa, He was called for the first time. The Lord God asked Him: Do you remember Moses? Yet Dr. Owuor pursued his career as a medical researcher. Among others he looked into the effect of chemotherapy on the metabolism and researched the signal conduction within tumors. He moved to the United States, Chicago, and conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Illinois, followed by surgical oncology research for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. He also taught at the University there. Then Dr. Owuor was appointed as a research specialist in Aerospace Medicine, where He detected causes of fatigue and performance impairment at pilots. Finally, he was professor of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He returned to Israel, to then perform research in Germany. However, the Lord God continued to Speak to Dr Owuor, to which He responded in 2004 and so returned to Kenya to begin His ministry.




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