Luke 5:26And overwhelming astonishment and ecstasy seized them all, and they recognized and praised and thanked God; and they were filled with and controlled by reverential fear and kept saying, We have seen wonderful and strange and incredible and unthinkable things today!

In this last dispensation before His coming the Lord brings His uncountable healings. In the Meetings of the Lord in Kenya we have witnessed this for many years now, and even in other Nations it is breaking out, including Europe.

The mighty latter Miracles of Jesus broke out, in Mombasa Kenya, March 12, 2017

One of the very many Miracles in the Mighty Visitation of August 2016 in Kenya, Nakuru

 Exodus 15:26.. for I am the Lord Who heals you.

Miracles of Lord Jesus in the nation of France, French-Guyana, Cayenne – July 2016